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Feel calmer, more flexible and receptive, quickly. CBG, CBN + aromatic oils for a brighter life, naturally.

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Daygold's formulas harness the healing power of plants.

Formulated by esteemed plant researcher and board certified neurologist, Dr. Ethan Russo, based on decades of research.

Dr. Russo formulated Daygold with precise ratios of each beneficial ingredient to provide safe, effective relief.

Three bottles of Daygold, CBG, CBN and terpenes standing next to one another with lavender.

Choose the support that’s right for you.

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Feel calm naturally.

Find balance, easily.

Plants are powerful agents for a healthy life. Daygold’s plant blends harness the benefits of some of the most therapeutic plants, at precise ratios, to bring the body and mind into a state of calm and balance.

Daygold’s full spectrum hemp oils work with the body’s innate calming system (the ECS) to regulate mood, sleep, digestion and more- for a brighter life, naturally.

More About The ECS
Fertile growing conditions for CBG

What is CBG?

CBG is an all-natural compound from the hemp plant is considered the mother of all cannabinoids. CBG is becoming increasingly popular because it promotes a feeling of well-being without making you feel high, or being habit forming.

Our Daygold plant blends contain CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids from Oregon-grown hemp because Oregon’s fertile soil, along with ideal growing conditions, grows some of the best hemp in the world.

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What are terpenes?

Terpenes are the aromatic oils found in thousands of plants. The fresh aroma of a pine forest comes from terpenes, along with the calming scent of lavender. These terpenes and a myriad of others have been used throughout the ages to calm the nervous system, naturally.

Each Daygold blend is packed with nearly a dozen botanical terpenes (lavender, clary sage, citrus peels, and more), each chosen for their targeted benefits and for boosting the effects of CBG, CBN and other compounds.

Benefits of terpenes
Sunrise over fertile farmland and forests for Oregon grown hemp.
Full spectrum hemp blends packed with botanical terpenes, backed by research and made with care.

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Daygold CBD, CBG, CBN tinctures with terpenes to help create a Calm Mind, Easy Relief and Restful Night.

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