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Calm Mind

(9 customer reviews)


Formulated to promote a sense of well-being and calm, without intoxication.

Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, CBG, THC (<0.3%), and plant terpenes from Ylang Ylang, Neroli Oil, Ho Wood, Lemon & more. In organic MCT (coconut) oil.

Delightful flavor & aroma.

Promotes Well-Being

A mind at ease makes living in the moment a breeze.

2,025 mg cannabinoids per 30 mL bottle.

$99 or $79.20 / month

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Warning: Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 2 × 2 in
Sunny Sky with Calm Mind, CBD, CBG, CBN hemp tincture with terpenes.

Find perspective.

Allow your mind to be in the present moment, so you can manage whatever the day brings. Calm Mind promotes a sense of well-being without intoxication and is safe for daily use. Start with as little as one-half dropper (0.5 mL), and notice the shift in perspective.

Broad spectrum hemp blends packed with a dozen terpenes for greater effect.

Ylang Ylang
from flowers
boosts mood

Neroli Oil
from orange flowers
promotes tranquility

Ho Wood
from ho wood
speeds relaxation

from lemon trees
fights inflammation

Getting started is simple.

Calm Mind is safe, non-habit forming, and very gentle.

To start, place one-half dropper (0.5 mL) under your tongue. Take a moment to notice the delightful aroma and flavor. Consider the research and care that has gone into each formula and swallow. If needed, add one-half dropper per serving, up to two droppers per serving.

Physician-formulated 100% natural compounds for a clear, calm and collected mind.

They found their chill. You can too.

9 reviews for Calm Mind

  1. Lane

    The entire product line is exceptional. Calm Mind has allowed me to stay calm, present and focused in periods of high stress. I love it because it makes me feel happy!

  2. Sara Stowe

    In the normal experience of being a woman coming out of her reproductive years, I have experienced hot flashes during the night for the past two years. About 8 months ago, I started experiencing them during the day–about 4-6 times a day. Those daytime hot flashes were triggered by little bursts of normal, every day stress. After trying several non-hormonal remedies that sort-of worked (reducing to 2-3 day), I added Calm Mind. I was experiencing no hot flashes during the day, and wanted to see what was Calm Mind, so I eliminated all other remedies. I continue to have zero hot flashes during the day. I get them still at nighttime, but not triggered with stress. Calm Mind keeps me on the even keel to get through the day in comfort! Highly highly recommend!

  3. Brian

    I’ve really enjoyed taking Calm Mind to keep calm during stressful times. It has helped me before work meetings stay focused and not get overwhelmed with my projects. Also, as a young parent, I find this helps me stay even keel when life gets crazy.

  4. Tim FitzGerald

    Like much of the population on the planet, the stress of being a human adds up and results in irritability, anxiousness and a general feeling of unease at times. Exercise and meditation are my standard treatments, which help of course, but sometimes more is needed. I have tried many products over the years including many different CBD offerings, with minimal effectiveness if any. Daygold Calm Mind is the first that I can say materially changes my disposition into one where I just feel good, have positive thoughts and a bright outlook on life in general. I have started recommending this to my network and have begun giving it as a gift. This product is a winner.

  5. Uma

    I’ve tried dozens of products to help ease chronic anxiety and Daygold stands out as clearly superior. The flavor and aromas are complex and sophisticated. You can smell and taste the difference. I love all three blends but Calm Mind is my favorite. It has become a part of my daily self-care ritual, a moment to pause and reflect and set an intention to move through my day with clarity, focus, and ease.

  6. Northern Sparrow

    DayGold has a lovely attitude and an amazing product. I’ve sampled all three of their products and find that Calm Mind is basically a magical elixir. The blend is perfect – both in taste and effects. I recommend this to my clients and friends.

  7. Jen

    This is a gentle easy to take tincture. It tastes delicious in comparison to other CBD products and simply takes the edge off of a busy mind chatter or anxiousness. I do not see this product as a “fix” to big symptoms, but a graceful & natural support in your wellness journey.

  8. Sama

    Calm Mind was also amazing at stopping my anxious mind within 20 minutes I felt calmer, at ease and relieved. I will be back to purchase the full size tinctures as soon as they are available and will likely not be without them. 5 stars!!

  9. Libbie

    I was lucky to get a sample of the Calm Mind and Easy Relief that helped me feel better overall, and less anxious due to sad emotions I was going through after the loss of our dear golden retriever, Lucy. Great products!

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