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Restful Night

(7 customer reviews)


Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, CBG, CBN, THC (<0.3%), and terpenes from Lavender, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Citrus & more. In organic MCT (coconut) oil.

Delightful botanical flavor & aroma.

Wake Up Refreshed

A better day starts with a better night’s sleep.

1,125 mg cannabinoids per 30 mL bottle.

$99 or $79.20 / month

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Warning: Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 2 × 2 in
Restful Night Water Image - CBD, CBN, CBG & Terpene Blend

Great days begin with peaceful nights.

We formulated Restful Night to ease sleep and help you wake up ready for whatever comes your way. This custom blend is subtle, yet soothing and safe. Start to feel effects with as little as one-half dropper (0.5 mL).

A dozen botanical terpenes, based on decades of research, for greater support.

from flowers
speeds relaxation

Clary Sage
from leaves
reduces stress

from plants
soothes pain

from peels
decreases inflammation

Getting started is simple.

Restful Night is safe and non-habit forming.

Start by using one-half dropper (0.5 mL) under your tongue before bedtime. Take a moment to delight in the lavender aroma and flavor. Swallow. If needed, add one-half dropper per serving, up to two droppers per serving.

Broad spectrum hemp-based blends based on research and tested for safety and purity.

They’re sleeping well. You can too.

7 reviews for Restful Night

  1. Iris

    This is the best product for sleep ever! Loving the ritual of taking a dropper just before bedtime. The taste and aroma are very pleasant. I am getting deeper sleep than ever, and wake up feeling refreshed and fully rested. Never groggy.

  2. Lane

    THIS! I found Restful Night to be gentle and restorative. The name of this product says it all.

  3. Nikki McAvity

    Restful night is amazing. I feel an almost-immediate sense of calm after taking it and drift off into such a pleasant sleep within a half an hour or so. I also have to say that I wake up feeling more refreshed the next day than I used to before using it. I will definitely be continuing this regimen! Thank you DayGold!

  4. Elise

    After trying so many different sleep supplements, especially this past year, Restful Night has become my new go to evening ritual. Not only does it help me fall asleep easily, I also sleep through the night so much better now. I wake up feeling refreshed without any of the drowsy feelings I sometimes felt with other sleep aids. The taste is surprisingly lovely. I also love knowing that it is a clean product created with a lot of thoughtful research and safely sourced ingredients. The attractive packaging, with its sweet messaging, is an added bonus. I never write reviews but wanted to share my positive experience. If you grapple with sleep issues like me, highly suggest trying Restful Night.

  5. Kaity

    I was so lucky to get to try this before it became widely available. The Easy Relief is awesome! I’ve suffered from a herniated disc for several years now. If you have this, you know the throbbing pain is almost constant in your back and down your arms. This tincture gave me relief after just a few days of use! Such a great alternative to steroids. I’ve also been using the Restful Night to help me fall asleep. Before I had been taking an antihistamine which worked but left me groggy in the morning. Restful Night helps me fall asleep with no sleepiness in the morning. Love it!

  6. Sama

    I was fortunate to get to try Daygold as part of a pre-launch sample group and wow it really impressed me. I am not new to CBD and have tried some not so great along with some nice tinctures in the past but Daygold was totally unique and in a class of its own. The addition of the terpene custom blends with the cannabinoids takes it to a whole other level of effectiveness. The Restful Nights blend was my favorite. The smell and taste are incredible and soothing right away. CBN is incredible at helping you get deeper more regenerative sleep and this tincture was proof of the effect. Within 30 minutes I was yawning and ready for bed, I slept harder and deeper than I had in weeks. For anyone that has trouble waking up in the middle of the night (like me) or has a hard time shutting down your thoughts this tincture is a must have. It works!

  7. Derek

    I’m really pleased with it. Great taste, but more important is that it actually works.

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